Sweet, Romantic & Beautiful Love Pic For Her

Whenever I live on my couch doing nothing but dreaming about you. I am not wasting my time. And I am investing time in imagining how beautiful my life is, and will be. I love you too.

May all your wishes and sweet dreams comes true. thank you for lovely wishes.

Love is not when you buy me things when you spoil me with presents, love is when I see your smile and when you give me all your hugs.

Every day of think you, every night I dream of you, every minute I love you too.

Love is what I see when you smile, love is what I feel when you touch me, love is what I hear when you say something. love is what we share.

As long as my heart beats, I can’t call it quit with you, as long as I live, I won’t have any other lover but you. none else deserve me.

Your love is more than I can write in text messages. it’s more than I can express in sweet words. your love is sure matchless.

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