Most Funny SMS Jokes Collection for Mobile Phones


Girlfriend Apne Boyfriend Se Phone Par Baat Kar Rahi Thi.

Girlfriend: “I Love You So Much, I Will Always Keep You In My Heart.”

Boyfriend: “Please, Do Me A Favour.”

Girlfriend: “Anything For You, Just Say.”

Boyfriend: “Please Keep Me In Your Brain Insted Of Heart.”

Girlfriend: “How Funny, But Why Not In Heart?”

Boyfriend: “Because Your Heart Is Housefull And Brain Is Empty, More Empty Space Means More Comfort.”
Dosto Aaye Dekhe Haryana Mein Teachers English Language Ki Kaise Maa Behen Ek Karte Hain.

1. Don’t Talk In Front Of My Back.

2. Both Of You Three Get Out Of The Class.

3. Why Are You So Late? Say Yes Or No.

4. Take 5 Cm Copper Wire Of Any Length.

5. I Have Two Daughters. Both Of Them Are Girls.

6. All Of You Stand In A Straight Circle.

7. Be Quiet. Principal Passed Away Just Now.

8. Why Are You Looking At The Monkey Outside When I Am Standing Here ?



Dog & Mosquito were in
mosquito kissed the dog
became emotional…gave Love bite to
Mosquito died of Rabies & Dog died of



Q: What did the gangster’s son tell his dad
when he failed his examination?
A: Dad they questioned me for 3 hours
but I never told them anything.” 😀 😀

How to Kill a mosquito:
Catch it alive,
Tie its legs
then make gudgudi in its stomach
and when it laughs
,Catch its mouth
& pour a spoon of Poison …. 😀 😀

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