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People change overnight

People change overnight




Everyone in this world is selfish. Some are just less selfish than the othersSometimes looks matter, a lot

Sometimes looks matter, a lot


Exes can’t be friends even if they try because there is no undo button for feelings

Closure in a relationship is important


Old friends might not always be with you when you need them

Love doesn’t heal everything. Love marriages have problems too

Love can happen more than once, at the right time with the right person

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt much seeing people going out of your life

You are not always wise enough to know the difference between infatuation and love even when you are an adult. 

Peoplewill not always be nice to you even if you are nice to them. 

Sleeping with a friend will not necessarily jeopardize the friendship forever. Sometimes, people are on the same page.

Getting busy is not a solution but an easy temporary escape.

A heart is never too broken to be mended

Sometimes, you end up finding better friends in your 20s. 

No place is safe, not even your home. You need to be alert everywhere

Parents are not always right and you are never too small to point that out

Hiding emotions is way easy than expressing them

It’s always better to be alone than being in a toxic relationship

Failures are far from the worst things to happen



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